LA Gear, Step into the Lights

A broadcast spot called "Step Into the Lights” was created to reintroduce the L.A. Lights collection from L.A. Gear. Founded in 1979 to market and rent roller skates in Venice Beach, L.A. Gear expanded into athletic footwear in the mid-1980s and became almost instantly popular. The brand marked a triumphant return, bringing back signature styles from its huge ’89-’90 Unstoppable Collection as well as the L.A. Lights Collection for men, women and kids. The brand has rereleased the line of sneakers with the “Step Into the Lights” spot features the Chi-Town Finest Breakers crew made up of the Borjas family – 11 year old Lucio aka “Ozone,” 10 year old Alazaie aka “Spinderella,” 9 year old Santos aka “Turbo” and 8 year old Enrique aka “Crazy Legz”.