Nvidia, Shield Launch

The Nvidia shield is a high-performance mobile gaming devices designed for serious gamers. Gaming can now be taken anywhere with the world's first gaming portable for open platforms, designed for untethered gameplay. This sound design intensive spot announces the arrival to gamers in the form of a first person shooter game.

Beats, Be Defiant

The NBA playoffs is where legends are made. Beats reminds us that this game rewards the defiant ones.  Sound design is used to work through moments: the heat of battle, contemplating the past, training, and unlitmately, the present. We culminate to an end in Anderson Paak's track "Bubblin.'"

FXM Momentum Anthem, Drama

The goal was to create a launch campaign for FX's brand new network with a distinct voice articulating the "Fearless" FXM identity. Through creating original score and sound design we are taken down the path of our protagonists' whirlwind of events each movie sets before them. 


Beats, Rookie of the Year

Working with Laundry Service and Apple, we created digital content for Beats by Dre in form of original music, sound design, and mix for their 3 million plus followers. Here we celebrate Karl-Anthony Town's NBA Rookie of the Year Award, in his own words.

FXM Momentum Anthem, Action

The goal was to  articulate a distinct "action movie" voice for the "Fearless" FXM identity. Using our movie's vignettes there is a layering of elements building through the piece pulling the audience into our bold, subversive world. Picture is given purpose by using music and images to manipulate our emotions, without a word of dialog. 

Nat Geo, Big Cats

National Geographic presents a week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines—big cats—creatures of magnificent strength, ferocity and beauty that are rapidly facing extinction. With visually stunning and powerful stories from around the world, get closer than ever before to lions, tigers, cheetahs, panthers and more as you share in their triumphs, defeats, and epic struggles to survive.

New Balance Anthem, We are Beta

The goal was to create a launch campaign for the forward facing athletic company, New Balance. The "We are Beta" campaign highlights that fact that we are all a work in progress, and to get the most out of ourselves, it takes work. The picture and sound reinforce this maximum effort mantra with signs of running in the red-- glitches, drops in resolution, static and interference.

Narcos, Netflix

Narcos is a serialized take on Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel, produced by Netflix. The first season creates a sophisticated and chilling portrait of the criminal pitted against a government dealing with corruption. The saga tells the true story of how cocaine became such a huge problem in the U.S., and how it all started in the north place of Medellin Columbia.

Hunger Games + Netflix, Selection

Working with the Mill LA, we were called upon to score and design sound for this Netflix promotion of the Hunger Games. Drama and tension builds as statements about the contestants in the Hunger Games flash on screen, all culminating right before the the selection takes place.


Nike, Lunar Control II

The Nike mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Nike's newest golf gear gets put through it's paces by Tiger, Rory, and todays top pros. With Imaginary Forces, we paired up to create a sound design intensive broadcast campaign, highlighting the impact of these innovations in Nike's most advanced golf products. The result is a dynamic back and forth between the solitude of being in the moment while playing vs. the technical gusto of the products.

MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards offered an opportunity to explore the concepts of space, time, and place while the footage and sound was distressed with a visual "grenade"-- contrasting the isolation and disquiet of the photography with a highly stylized digital imperfection. The idea was to focus in on some of the unusual beauty of America while drawing a parallel to the unique and diverse musical talent on the VMA stage.